SwissFortress Unveils The World’s First Soft Wallet To Counter Crypto Hacks

Published on Nov 13, 2023
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To address unprecedented demand for digital security SwissFortress announced a launch of a soft wallet removing any optionality for hacks by taking centralized databases out of the equation. Their world’s first “send to name” feature allows for crypto asset transactions without any identifiable data sharing throughout the process, while still enabling highest-quality KYC between the counterparties.

The current digital security landscape is plagued by antiquated infrastructure, resulting in compromised digital identities and transactions as evidenced by the latest data leak. To date, over $656m has been lost from crypto hacks and scams.

Existing crypto wallets, while functional and frequently using decentralized key infrastructure, lack the necessary robustness to ensure the comprehensive protection of personally identifiable user data. SwissFortress recognized these limitations and has removed any infrastructure flaws within current systems, seamlessly combining foundational security, digital custody, and patent pending security measures within one system. In and many other crypto infrastructures personally identifiable user data is stored along with user’s receive addresses even when spending those addresses is controlled by self-custody private keys. In the case of over 100,000 twitter ID’s along with their corresponding ETH addresses were stolen.

SwissFortress presents a paradigm shift by delivering a secure and user-friendly ecosystem, offering private send to name with addresses computed dynamically in real time via a frictionless automatic peer to peer protocol. The users simply send any crypto to their counterparties name such as “@alice” and their SwissFortress wallet automatically computes the on-chain addresses such that only the sending and receiving wallet know what they are. Optionally, end users may share a cryptographic proof that identifies them, meaning crypto transfers can be attributed to a real identity for both senders and receivers. All of this enhanced KYC and “send to name” functionality occurs without centralized personal data sharing or storage. SwissFortress mitigates the vulnerabilities associated with traditional password-based systems entirely, while ensuring a seamless customer experience comparable to platforms such as PayPal. The system works without charging any extra transaction fees and supports all existing major chains and tokens. At this time the beta supports BTC, BCH, eCash, ETH, CSPR, and all 1200+ ERC-20 tokens and comprises of over 700,000 lines of code replacing Ledger, Trezor, Fireblocks, Paypal, Metaco, Unstoppable Domains and many others.

“Our mission is to usher in an era of digital security that redefines the way individuals and companies manage their digital identities and assets,” said Amer Vohora, CEO of SwissFortress. “We created a new infrastructure that seamlessly works with existing chains, tokens and NFTs, without any personal data, even when used by end users for convenience and compliance, being traceable by any 3rd party to on-chain receive addresses.”

By integrating novel cryptographic infrastructure into traditional business operations, SwissFortress is already making a difference, onboarding institutional fintech and gaming clients, as well as opening doors to innovative possibilities in various industries, including social media, CBDCs, supply chain, and healthcare, where data privacy is paramount.

SwissFortress paves the way for a future where digital security is not just a luxury for the tech savvy but an automated feature that users don’t have to understand to stay safe. Download the Beta now.

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