Your Personal Digital Asset Fortress

The Wallet that Makes Crypto Less Cryptic

Send secure transactions to names, not addresses

(you can still send to addresses if you want, it's real crypto)

Send to

Enter a valid FortressName or legacy crypto address

Crypto just got a whole lot simpler

Embrace the Future

Forget complex receive addresses, our 'Send to Name' feature connects you to the decentralized world but feels just like the payment apps you already use


Get your globally unique FortressNameTM but hurry, it's first come first serve.

Dot name extensions will be available in the future.


Send your FortressNameTM privately to friends and family or post it publicy.

Even when you share it publicly nobody knows your wallet history.


Receive any supported crypto right in the heart of your digital fortress.

Our wallet keeps track of who you transact with by name.

Your Digital Fingerprint for Worldwide Payments

Discover Your Self Sovereign FortressIDTM

Our secure and private system opens the door to a universal FortressID, allowing you to easily share your identity when and where you choose and verify others across the crypto sphere and NFT markets.


Join our FortressID initiative


Obtain your encrypted FortressID


Privately reveal your encrypted FortressID via chat to your counterparty

Your Privacy, Safeguarded Like a Swiss Vault

With automatically generated receive addresses that only transaction participants know about, unlike our competition. Just share your FortressName and our system takes care of the rest. It's that simple!

“Unlike our competition, when using SwissFortress, a 3rd party can't look up how much money a particular name has received and their entire transaction history in minutes with no special tools of any kind.”

Mehow, CTO, SwissFortress

What's the big difference?

The old way


Sending crypto between 2 traditional wallets.

Bid Farewell to Phishing Scams

Your registered name is globally unique and cryptographically safeguarded. Impersonators don't stand a chance.


Unlock the Power of Secure Communication

Enjoy fully decentralized, end-to-end encrypted chat within the safe walls of SwissFortress. Just like your transaction history, your conversations stay completely private.

FortressIDTM for Contact @alice

Inbox user interface

Join Our Desktop Testnet Beta Today

Windows 10 / 11 Mac Ventura

Embark on a journey with ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, Dash, eCash, CSPR, SpaceDawgs (ERC-20)


SwissFortress supports all 1200+ ERC-20 tokens

Connect your friends and family

With FortressCard

Our exclusive, patent-pending hardware wallet card makes crypto safe, secure and accessible to everyone.

Get in Touch With Us

SwissFortress loves impact and new projects. Whether you're trying to solve global problems or just want to add your token or chain to our ecosystem, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Global projects

Our technology is ideal for delivering funds in hard to reach places and bringing financial empowerment to underserved populations. Click here to superchanrge your charitable mission with SwissFortress.

Make a change
Change the world with Swiss Fortress

Tech partners

Looking to integrate your token, chain or service to SwissFortress? Want to bring SwissFortress decentralized tech to your next project? Click here to get the process started.

Get involved
Add your project to Swiss Fortress

But wait, there's more

We're Making Crypto a Better Place for Everyone

With the full release you'll be able to:

  • Register Your Globally Unique FortressName
  • Obtain Your Self Sovereign FortressID!
  • Buy and Sell Crypto Within the Wallet, Anywhere in the World
  • Preorder Your SwissCARD Hardware Wallet
  • Use our Easy-to-Use Self Custody Key Backup
  • Access Our Easy-to-Use Key Escrow via Separate Binary – if you don’t want to manage keys by yourself
  • Automated Institutional KYC/AML Available for Business Wallets
  • Verify Incoming Funds for ‘blacklisted addresses’
  • Access Co-branding Opportunities
  • Enjoy Support for 20+ Additional Chains
  • Receive Support for Common NFT and Token Standards
  • Access in German, French, English

Join Our Desktop Testnet Beta Today

Windows 10 / 11 Mac Ventura

Open the gate to your financial future.



Are there any hidden fees or TX charges?

Absolutely not. SwissFortress does not charge you to use it and there is no token to buy to make this precision Swiss convenience work.

How much does a FortressName cost?

Upon release, you can register your FortressName for as low as $6/year or 6CHF/year. No extra TX fees, just the standard mining fees for the chain you're using.

How can I get a FortressName?

Upon release, you'll be able to purchase your FortressName directly within the SwissFortress wallet using multiple forms of payment.

Can SwissFortress see my messages or transaction detail?

SwissFortress is fully decentralized, only you and the people you chat and transact with will ever have access to your interactions.

What information is needed to get a FortressID?

We run a full KYC process for users who wish to share their identity with other users. Something something blah blah blah.

Please note: The SwissFortress Wallet is not a 'Mixer', it simplifies the use of crypto while maintaining the integrity of chain analysis. In the full version, we'll also provide a private chain analysis tool to check your own incoming funds.