Upgrading between beta versions

Follow these instructions if you already created a wallet and are updating from a prior beta version to ensure you get all the updates.

This process only applies to users updating from one beta version to another who have already created a wallet

You will need to perform a seed restore process

Don't worry, this process will be fully automated in the production version of the wallet, thank you for participating in the Swiss Fortress Beta launch!

Pick your platform

Mac Users:

The following process ensures that your newly installed wallet version does not have any cached files or folders preventing you from seeing updates.

Step 1:

Delete the following data directory:

MacHD > Users > <username> > Library > Application Support > Swiss Fortress

Step 2:

Install the new version and choose the restore wallet from seed option on load.

If you cant see the "Library" folder you have to enable "hidden files and folders" in Finder options first.